The Revolution

lionheartSpent a wonderful day in Petersburg yesterday on set of “The Revolution” with Lionheart Filmworks for the Military Channel. More info to come. . .

Exhibition at Monument City

shawn-jones-sacred-art-032Please join us this First Friday, September 5th at 6:00pm for an opening of artworks by Richmond artists Shawn Jones and Maxwell Runko curated by Angie Huckstep!

Shawn Everett Jones will be exhibiting his newest series of paintings inspired by months that he recently spent in Taos, New Mexico. Jones has also offered to include two of his older, abstract expressionistic works.The presence of both of these series elucidates Jones’ exploration of form on the 2-D surface:

My work is about taking a glimpse behind the veil. It is about awareness and wonder in a mad, modern world.I am interested in the common elements in life and art. Who we are at the center, inside and away from the technology, the stress, the fast-paced illusion.I am interested in the parts of life that no one sees yet we share. The inside parts, the visceral: the emotion and the guts. I deal in the liquid, fluctuating thoughts and feelings that drive us as beings- the desires, impulses, attractions, confusions, fears, revelries, solitudes and visions that steer our course and propel us in our human journeys.

Maxwell Runko will be showing one of his large-scale woven portraits, along with two accompanying canvases. These chosen works deal directly with Runko’s exploration of human and connotative relationships. Runko elaborates on these themes in an Ink Magazine interview from earlier this year:

Right now something that really intriguing me are souvenirs, and the anthropology and sociology side of actually collecting souvenirs. Its kind of mind blowing, you don’t even realize it’s a science. Materials and materiality is also something a lot of my work deals with, like how materials interact and their connotations. I have almost a sort of fixation with materials. I’ll hoard them and save them all for things. And I’m interested in relationships. Between myself and a lover, myself and my brother, people’s relationship to the art… I like the idea of having some interaction occur, and making people work for something in my art. You can’t just give it ‘em on a silver platter, you know?

The works will be on exhibition the month of September at Monument City Coffee and Records, 306 A East Grace Street, Downtown Richmond, Virginia


billI had one of the best mornings on set of Ariel Unser’s short film, “Bill”. I star as The Homeless Man and at one point between shots a young man came over to offer me a few bucks.

More info. to come. . . 

The You Go Girls

You Go Girls Flyer 001The You Go Girls are face-ripping rock n’ roll starring yours truly in my first endeavor in a band ever! We play our first show tonight with The Welcome Hips. Presented by The Rear Gallery at LoveBomb!


VCUarts Cinema

vcu cinemaThis summer I worked as an extra on two of VCUarts Cinema short films. “The City” is a noir short and “A Man Could Give Up” a short thriller. The films are part of VCU Cinema’s summer intensive program.


manhattan-project-nuclear-explosionI got my first taste of  Tamalewood yesterday. I worked as a stand-in on set of  Manhattan .

From the New York Post: A new television series set against the backdrop of the US government’s top-secret effort to develop the world’s first atomic bomb. The TV series, written and created by Sam Shaw and directed by Thomas Schlamme, is scheduled to premiere in July on WGN America.

more info to come…


view the teaser trailer here


Prints for Sale

shawn-jones-sacred-art-031My art made to order for you! You can now buy prints of my work online. Just go over to fineartamerica and check it out. You can get canvas, acrylic, and metal prints in different sizes. Also you can find greeting cards and i phone cases. How cool right!


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