Yuletide Monsters

krampus poster

“Greetings from Krampus,” a short film that I wrote, produced, and directed is having a special screening at this year’s “Yuletide Monsters” exhibition at Gallery 5 on Friday, December 1st!


Doll Baby


Over the summer got to be an extra in Doll Baby’s new music video for the song, “Silver Stars,” It was a cool scene shot in the house I live in.

The video will be shown Friday, December 1st at Hardywood Park Brewery. Doll Baby will perform with Haybaby and Blush Face before the premiere.

more info to come



Last week I worked on set of the Showtime American thriller series, “Homeland.” It was fun picking up a background gig, it has been a while.

more info to come

Greetings from Krampus

I made a movie!


My band’s new album now at bandcamp!

Dungeons & Dragqueens


Sunday spent some time on set with Red Love Productions working with Ken Hicks on the teaser trailer for his film, “Dungeons & Dragqueens.” I didn’t really do much, just held a camera and filmed a bit but I am very excited about his project!

Check it out!

It was a time of magic and wonder, when the pure of heart would be tested, and unicorns and demons roamed the earth… It was a time…
called the eighties.

In 1989, Jason, Aaron & Wolfgang cut their D&D campaign short to drive the girls next door to a punk show only to find they must now kill two demons, while drunk and on psychedelic drugs.

update, here is the preview:

Last Call

13879256_1634012950222235_6167523061036464759_nLast weekend spent a fun day on set of Aisthesis Productions film”Last Call,” as an extra in a crowd scene. A Twilight-Zone-esque tale of the regrets of a once-celebrated bartender. Spanning the course of one night at the bar, Last Call takes the viewer on a psychological journey that is both raunchy and hilarious, yet tragically sad. Can’t wait to see this one!