Harrison Street Mural & Art Show

The Harrison Street Mural is complete at Harrison St. Cafe! I will also be showing my work inside the cafe during the month of August. The work will be new paintings, work from the Taos series, and probably some mandala sketches!


Direct to Video at the Byrd

The premiere screening of my short film ‘Dead Motherfucker’ is at the historic Byrd Theatre!


Shooting the Prodigal

Shooting-the-Prodigal-homepageToday was my first speaking role in a feature length film! It was a fun bit-part to play and a fun day on set! more info to come…


The Milkstains

11022516_941176239277432_569119900982793552_nTonight, had a few beers on set of The Milkstains “Sink or Swim” video shoot by Space Camp Productions. It was a blast! more info to come…

Positive No

posnoSpent the day in an “Indie rock parking lot” at Diversity Richmond on set of Positive No’s video shoot for the song “Pedal Through”. The song is off their upcoming new album. More info to come. . .

Come with Me

Here is the new music video for Lobo Marino’s song, “Come with Me”. The song is off their latest album, “We Hear the Ocean”, that will be out May 12th on Bad Friends Records.  We made this video on the Full Moon this past November at StoneHaven.

Directed by: Todd Raviotta
Natural Science Productions

Damion Arrow Muse
Elysia Honey Houghton
Laney Sullivan
Jameson Price
Parker Galore
Shawn Everett Jones
Julie Storey
Graham Hyphen

All puppets and masks created by:
All the Saints Theater Company

Produced by:
Lobo Marino
Natural Science Productions

Richmond Virginia

The Cycles

Last month a bunch of friends hung out at Steady Sounds/ Blue Bones on a cold snowy day to see a Haints in the Holler show and be in a video for their song “The Cycles” with UO Live (Urban Outfitters live music blog), here is that video!


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