The Cycles

Last month a bunch of friends hung out at Steady Sounds/ Blue Bones on a cold snowy day to see a Haints in the Holler show and be in a video for their song “The Cycles” with UO Live (Urban Outfitters live music blog), here is that video!

The You Go Girls

the-you-go-girls-poster-0010Lots of The You Go Girls news! We are playing a show at Strange Matter on Saturday, March 21, 9pm, with The Sundials, Advlts of Baltimore, and REPS. The show is a benefit for Safe Harbor RVA.

Also, we will be recording in April! We are planning several weekend excursion tours and shows in Richmond this spring and summer! And we have some stickers being printed!

Chevy Van

new 044Check out Red Love Productions first video! We made a video for Pete Curry’s song “Chevy Van“! Filmed in Oregon Hill, February 2015. Produced by Shawn Everett Jones, John Stone and Pete Curry. Featuring The Wizard Van. Starring Wayne Snyder, Pete Curry, John Stone, Shawn Jones, Robby Scarce, John Bliss, Killian Laudenbach, Carrie Nauman, Caitlin Archambault, Taryn Chesshire, Abby Otte, McKinsey Deese, Doug Fuller, Joey Kingsley, Joe Hawkins, Justin Black, Joe Roberts, Liz Buikema, Tina Fairman, Allison Warth, and Addison Johnson. With Raven, Minnie Pearl, and Birdy.

Dead Motherfucker

We have been making a movie. Here is the teaser trailer!

Red Love presents: A film by John Stone and Shawn Jones

Starring: Laurie Lay, Abby Otte, Jeff Springs, Tripper Chrisie, Justin Brickett, John Stone and Shawn Everett Jones

coming Summer 2015

“you touch a dead Motherfucker’s bike, you’re a dead motherfucker”


showposterIt was a freezing day on set of TURN: Washington’s Spies yesterday. More info to come…

Craptain Jack and the Shmees

Check it out! I filmed my good friends, the one and only pirate metal “Rulers of the Dan”, Craptain Jack and the Shmees, for their new “Blackfin the Shark” video! Edited by: Robby Scarce. Filmed at Strange Matter – Richmond, VA. 2014. “Blackfin the Shark” recorded by Tripper Christie in a bathroom in Richmond, VA 2013.

Holy River

cityoflightIt was a beautiful and magical autumnal day in the woods working on Lobo Marino’s new video for Holy River. The song is from their newest album, City of Light, recorded at Yogaville and mastered by Dave Watkins.

Directed by: Todd Raviotta/Natural Science Productions

Staring: Laney Sullivan, Jameson Price, Parker Galore, Brinson Leigh Kresge, Marlowe Ren Kresge, Sahar Aha, Shawn Everett Jones, Julie Storey, Elysia Honey Houghton, Graham Hyphen, Daniel Upshaw

All puppets and masks created by: All the Saints Theater Company

Produced by: Lobo Marino and Natural Science Productions at Stonehaven Richmond Virginia


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