the you go girls yoloadedHere is a sneak peak of my band The You Go Girls debut album “Yoloaded”  tape cover. Red Love Productions project out soon! Hear it at bandcamp!



We found a call for entries on Saturday, shot a film on Sunday, edited on Monday, music on Tuesday, and entered it on Wednesday.

“From a distant future world time, one thrill-seeker is on a quest for the  the mythical hot dog, will he find it before The PeTA BOT 230 finds him…?”

“Meatless,” the third and by far crappiest project by Red Love Productions, is a ridiculously goofy short film made for a Studio Two Three sci-fi film fest where it won the People’s Choice Award!



I recently worked on set as an extra on Ultra Fushia’s new film “Assassinaut.” I love these guys (the makers of Science Team and The Taint)!  It was a pretty chill day on set at the Byrd Theatre. More info to come…

Midnight Frights

I recently hung out on set of local spooky late night “Midnight Frights.” It was my first time ever operating a boom mic. Wow, what a task! But fun to see Director Eric Miller’s tight ship of fun loving midnight freaks!

Harrison Street Mural & Art Show

The Harrison Street Mural is complete at Harrison St. Cafe! I will also be showing my work inside the cafe during the month of August. The work will be new paintings, work from the Taos series, and probably some mandala sketches!


Direct to Video at the Byrd

The premiere screening of my short film ‘Dead Motherfucker’ is at the historic Byrd Theatre!


Shooting the Prodigal

Shooting-the-Prodigal-homepageToday was my first speaking role in a feature length film! It was a fun bit-part to play and a fun day on set!

Shooting The Prodigal is the story of a brash, young Jewish filmmaker from New York who tries to help an overly zealous Baptist preacher in south Alabama make a movie about the Prodigal Son. In the process they both learn about the acceptance and love of the prodigal’s father.

Update:here is the recently released trailer:


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