Monster Portrait

In October of 2004 I curated a Halloween themed exhibition in a make-shift gallery in Danville, Virginia. The show was a smash with 22 local artists involved, a packed opening costume reception, and an after-party/show at The Temple headlined by The Drama Queens.

Artists in the exhibition:

Harry Aron

Savannah Aron

Jack Bauer

Kenneth G. Bond

John Bliss

CL Childrey

Jeremy Flora

Chris Foster

John Foster

Gaelin Hereford

Shawn Everett Jones

Jerry Meadors

Tony Saunders

Robby Scearce

Chuck Thompson

Chris Walton

Adam Weatherford

Bean Weatherford

Jeff Wells

Leonard Webster

Kevin White

Allan Wood

The video is Monster Portrait: Working Class Dracula by CLC. Starring myself. Set design by Jeff Wells. Thanks to James Buckner, Kristy Cox, and Jeremy Flora.

Below is a flyer for the show.


Neapolis Times

A zine I published in Danville, Virginia about the local arts & culture scene.

It began in January of 2004 as an excited response to a revival of a thriving art and music scene. I made an issue per month of The Neapolian from January to August of that year. In January of the next year the zine came back as Neapolis Times. Three issues were published in 2005, the second one in February and the final issue in April. The image on the cover of the final issue (pictured above) is of a sculpture by Bob Cage, the photograph was taken by Micah Robinson.

The zines featured:

Toonmill toons by Mort Loon and E. Goon

Writings by: Shannon Jackson, Boomer Jurney, Ryan Sweeny, Bean Weatherford, Jerry Marshall, Jeremy Flora,  and Jerry Meadors

Interviews: Double Helix, ATD, The Voxals, The Drama Queens, Scary Weather Records, Craptain Jack and the Shmees, The Blush Tits, MFATS, Sam Levine, Steve Moore, and VCR

Art by: Adam Weatherford, Liz Chaney, Jonathan Foster, Harry Aron, Robby Scarce, and John Bliss