Artist Statement

colorful/ cosmic/ southwestern/ mandalas


My work is about taking a glimpse behind the veil. It is about awareness and wonder in a mad, modern world.

I am interested in the common elements in life and art. Who we are at the center, inside and away from the technology, the stress, the fast-paced illusion.

I am interested in the parts of life that no one sees yet we share. The inside parts, the visceral: the emotion and the guts. I deal in the liquid, fluctuating thoughts and feelings that drive us as beings- the desires, impulses, attractions, confusions, fears, revelries, solitudes and visions that steer our course and propel us in our human journeys.

At the core of my work is the self, the self in relation to the world in which it exists. The self is influenced by all around it, as a component within the construct of the community in which it resides.

Other aspects of my work are community oriented; including films, murals, the mandala project, zines and blogs, the curation of group art exhibitions and music events, and such. These projects connect people in different ways, act as binders and usually excite and inspire myself as well as participants and audience.


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